Executive Summary of Submission

  • Persistent Parking Issues: Long-standing challenges at Crow Road and Marlborough Avenue junction hinder pedestrian and cyclist mobility.

  • Decade-Long Problem: Documented since 2012, indicating street design and enforcement inadequacies over time.

  • Meeting Request with Council Departments: Proposal to engage with roads, active travel, and liveable neighbourhoods departments for collaborative solutions.

  • Possible Solutions:

    • A – Double Yellow Lines: Paint and repaint for enforceable restrictions, addressing cycle lane misuse.
    • B – Temporary Materials: Use concrete planters or bolt-down bollards to fill parking spaces.
    • C – Make Permanent Changes: Replace fire path design with modern, bollard-equipped structure.
    • D – Full Redesign - Crossing Point: Introduce a zebra crossing, allowing parking transformation into a “green walkway.”
  • Summary: Urgent need for comprehensive solutions, ranging from enforceable measures to a potential full redesign. The objective is to enhance safety and accessibility for cyclists and pedestrians at the junction.

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