Update October 2023

We’re thrilled to share some promising updates regarding the long-standing concerns at the Crow Road and Marlborough Avenue junction. Thanks to the tireless collaboration between our community representatives and local authorities, positive strides are being made to address some of the issues raised in this proposal.

Meeting Highlights

In a recent on-site meeting, Councillor Lana Reid-McConnell, along with community members and officers from Sustainable Transport, discussed the pressing need for bus stop improvements on Crow Road. The meeting was fruitful, with officers from Parking Services conducting a thorough investigation on 8th September 2023. The results were encouraging, catching the attention of our community representative, Martin Keane, who commended the effort, catching five individuals violating parking rules.

Potential Improvements

The Sustainable Transport Group Manager, Kevin Argue, provided valuable insights into potential improvements. The estimated construction cost for the bus stop improvements is around £25,000, considering the unique requirements of the conservation area, bus shelter relocation, and planning permission. Importantly, there’s optimism regarding the funding route via Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT), increasing the likelihood of tangible changes. We have requested that the designs are included into the forthcoming restricted parking zone (RPZ) designs due in Q1 2024.

Community Engagement

Councillor Lana Reid-McConnell has been actively seeking community input and exploring funding possibilities. There’s a consideration to approach the Area Partnership Neighbourhood Infrastructure Fund for support. Additionally, discussions revolved around the criteria for including the bus stop in the bus build-out program and the ongoing efforts to discourage illegal parking through signage and enforcement.

Next Steps

The collaboration continues, with officers committed to ongoing monitoring and reviews of loading bay facilities. The positive atmosphere surrounding these discussions gives us hope that our collective efforts are making a real impact. We extend our gratitude to everyone involved, especially Councillor Lana Reid-McConnell and Martin Keane, for their dedicated efforts.

Executive Summary of Submission

## Issues Identified

  • Lack of cycling provision in Broomhill with nonexistent painted cycle lanes.
  • Inappropriateness of painted cycle lanes on Crow Road due to high traffic flow, speeds, and changes in guidance.

Relevance and Priority

  • Crow Road identified as a priority route in Glasgow City Council’s Active Travel Strategy (2022-2031).

Persistent Problems

  • Ongoing challenges include the persistent blocking of cycle lanes and bus stops.

Proposed Solutions

  • Emergency Temporary Measures:
    • Repositioning parked cars to protect cycle lanes.
    • Introducing ‘bus-boarders’ for cyclist safety around buses.
    • Implementing light segregation for improved traffic flow.

Intended Improvements

  • Enhance cyclist safety, bus speed, and streamline pedestrian crossings.
  • Declutter pavements and create a more sustainable transportation environment.

Acknowledgment of Traffic Impact

  • Recognition of potential impacts on traffic flow, with a focus on promoting active transportation methods.

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