Executive Summary of Submission

  • Broomhill CC welcomes the introduction of footway parking ban. The blocking of pavements in the area affects many in our society especially older and disabled people as well as those pushing prams etc. Many in our community do not own cars and many (if not all) make use of the pavements on a daily basis. • Pavement parking ban will reduce number of spaces. Broomhill CC would welcome an RPZ to reduce number of cars parking in the area
  • Reducing number of cars parking in street will make roads wider and could encourage faster car speed - we would like to see mitigation.
  • Modal filters to stop through traffic on Randolph Road.
  • Give way on blind summit on Randolph Road.
  • Alternating blocks of car parking bays along streets to force ‘lane shifts’ and more careful driving.
  • Pavement buildouts and continuous footways to highlight transport hierarchy and make easier and safer for everyone to get around.
  • SUDS / tree planting to narrow street and also stop flooding in area.

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