New Book Lending Library Unveiled in Naseby Park by Friends of Naseby Park

In an exciting development for our local community, the Friends of Naseby Park have proudly unveiled a new Book Lending Library, now open for public use in the serene surroundings of Naseby Park. This initiative marks a significant step in fostering a culture of reading and sharing within our community.

A heartfelt thank you is extended to Fred Munro, whose craftsmanship and dedication were instrumental in creating this wonderful library. His skill and passion are evident in every detail of the library, making it not just a functional space but also a visually appealing addition to the park.

We are also immensely grateful to Sheena and the team at Stockline Plastics for generously donating some of the materials used in the construction of the library. Their support highlights the strength of community spirit and collaboration in Broomhill.

The Book Lending Library operates on a simple yet effective principle: “Take a book, leave a book.” Community members are encouraged to borrow books at their leisure, enjoy reading in the park or at home, and return them for others to enjoy. Additionally, residents are welcome to donate books they no longer need, thereby continuously enriching the library’s collection.

This initiative is more than just about books; it’s about building a community of readers and sharers who value the joy of reading and the importance of giving. We invite everyone to come, browse through the selection of books, take home a story or two, and if possible, leave a book for someone else to discover.

Let’s come together to make the most of this wonderful new resource. Happy reading, Broomhill!

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