Area Overview / General Information

Over November, crime reports have increased compared with October’s figures.

There has been a notable increase in vandalisms committed in the Broomhill area, believed to be have been committed by youths who have smashed a number of close doors in Edgehill Rd, Marlborough Avenue, Naseby Avenue and Randolph Rd using bricks and stones. On one occasion a wilful fire-raising was committed on Naseby Avenue, whereby a bin was set on fire. Enquiries are ongoing to identify those responsible. There will be increased patrols in the area and I would encourage any persons who witness anti-social disorder in the area or have any information with regards to identification, particularly amongst groups of youths, to contact police.

Theft of Keyless Entry Cars

As mentioned last month there continues to be issues with regards to the theft of vehicles that use keyless entry, mainly 4x4’s, with 1 report in Broomhill again this month. Reports have seen vehicles taken overnight from both driveways and the street, where offenders are using relay devices whilst standing outside a property to manipulate the signal from the keycards that are inside, before gaining access to the vehicles and driving off without the need for any keys. By placing your keycard inside a “Faraday” pouch, this prevents the offenders from picking up a signal and bypassing the security of the vehicle. Faraday boxes are also beneficial if you have several keys within your property and wish to house them in a secure way. Both are readily available from a number of retailers online.

‘Ex-offender’ Cold Callers

There have been a few incidents across the west end in recent months relating to cold callers as per the following scam.

The Scam

There has recently been an increase across Scotland in reports of cold callers who say they are selling goods door-to-door as part of an ’ex-offender rehabilitation scheme’.

In some cases, the callers say they have just been released from prison or a young offenders institution and are selling goods to try and make some money before starting a college course. Others claim to be taking part in a Government scheme to help them obtain employment in sales.

They typically offer goods such as household cleaning products, gardening equipment or craft supplies. Some may ask for donations for ex-prisoners. If a householder does not have cash, the cold caller may provide bank account details so that they can transfer money.

Although some of these cold callers show some form of ID card, they often don’t have a pedlar’s certificate or a licence from the police to allow them to sell door-to-door in the local area. The goods they offer are usually of poor quality and overpriced.

How to Avoid

Never feel obliged to answer the door to a cold caller – it is your home and you should not let anyone in unless you feel comfortable.

If you do answer the door, verify that the person is genuine and take a note of the company’s details. ID cards can be faked – close the door and, rather than phoning the number on the ID card, look up the company’s number on their official website or in an official phone directory to check their identity. Legitimate callers will be happy to wait while you perform these checks.

If you feel uncomfortable or suspicious about a cold caller in your local area, phone Police Scotland on 101, or call 999 if you feel threatened.

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Crimes of Violence

There was 1 crime report raised for violence committed over November of an assault.

Crimes of Dishonesty

There were no crime reports raised for dishonesty committed over November

Crimes Against Property

There were 9 crimes against property reported this month including 8 vandalisms and also a wilful fire-raising.

Drugs Use and Abuse

There were no drug cases reported this month.

Community intelligence is key to detecting and preventing drug supply. As always Crimestoppers is an invaluable tool in preventing crime: Tel: 0800 555 111

Road Traffic Matters

There was 1 Road Traffic matter reported this month for driving with no insurance.