There are plans for a Restricted Parking Zone for the Broomhill and Thornwood area which should help eradicate intrusive parking and improve road safety of the area.

A traffic and parking survey has been carried out recently which is part the informal consultation process prior to proceeding to the statutory process to promote a Restricted Parking Zone. The council recently tendered the contract for the design work relating to the RPZ.

Broomhill Community Council recently received the results of the recent parking survey and our Liveable Neighbourhoods lead, Martin Keane has produced an analysis of the results

Executive Summary of Report

  • Benefits of RPZ Implementation:

    • Enhanced enforcement against illegal parking, including on pavements, cycle lanes, and at bus stops.
    • Reduction in caravan and commuter parking, leading to more spaces for residents.
    • Possibility to designate spaces as loading bays for shops.
  • Survey Method and Results:

    • Streetwise conducted a parking survey at two different times on June 20, 2023.
    • Capacity calculated based on the length of classifications and kerbside restrictions.
    • In Broomhill, there is a capacity for 2399 cars.
    • 65% of total capacity used during the day, 70% at night.
    • Despite RPZ introduction, a significant excess of parking spaces expected in Broomhill.
  • Challenges and Impacts:

    • Approximately 5% of cars (83 out of 1715) may need to park on different streets due to overcapacity.
    • Streets likely to be impacted include Monkscroft Avenue West, Victoria Park Gardens South, Clarence Drive North, and others.
    • Excess parking spaces identified on other streets within Broomhill to accommodate displaced vehicles.
    • Streets with excess parking spaces include Randolph Road East, Broomhill Drive West and East, Churchill Drive South, and others.
  • Conclusion:

    • While a small percentage of cars may need alternative parking, the overall report suggests that there will be ample excess capacity in Broomhill to accommodate parking needs, even after RPZ implementation.

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